Add-on activities

We offer a variety of bookable activities which can be added to your stay. Would you like to stay longer? Let us give you a special offer!

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We want to share our favourite hiking routes along the coast, on marshland and in the mountains. Andøy offers mountains of various heights, and none higher than 1000 meters. The Andøy mountains are easily accessed and offer wonderful views of the Vesterålen archipelago. We can also take you hiking along the seashore or on the vast marshlands. During the hikes you have a chance to see and take photos of arctic wildlife.You need hiking boots, clothes fit for the weather conditions and drinking water. We bring a Norwegian "matpakke" and coffee/tea for a light lunch. 

We can also arrange a variety of other activities, such as the following:                                                         

*Lunch with the locals                                                                                               

Let's have a traditional lunch in a Norwegian home. You get to see a local house, built and furnished the way we like it.

*Visit a local gallery                                                                                         

Andøya has several galleries, presenting arts and crafts such as painting, sculpture, photography and jewellery. Let us arrange a visit to one or a few of your choice.

*Whale Safari Andenes

You can go whale watching from Andenes all year, and see sperm whales, humpback whales, dolphins and other. A large vessel with skilled guides takes you out on the ocean.

*Visit Spaceship Aurora

Spaceship Aurora is part of Europe's only operating space center. Andøya Space Center has launched more than 100 scientific rockets into space since 1962. You get to learn about Northern Lights and space through various activities.

*Hike the Atlantic coastline

Let us take you hiking along sandy beaches and cliffs plunging into the ocean. Observe wildlife at arm's length, feel the weather and see man's environmental impact at 69 degrees north.

*Visit a local craftswoman

Visit the workshop "Cup and Soul" and meet Margrethe. She presents her work and helps you make your own crafted souvenir from Andøya.

*Visit the Polar Museum and lighthouse at Andenes

Get to know the history of the polar hunters from our community. Their life and work in Spitsbergen, hunting seals and polar bears during the x century.

*Take a closer look at a fish factory

At Nordmela you can visit and have a look at the facilities where the fishermen land their catch and the fish is processed.

*Climb a mountain and capture the view

Go on a tailor-made mountain hike, designed to fit your specifics. The hike includes guide and outdoor lunch.

*Inside a local church

Come have a look inside one of the island's churches.