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How would you like to catch your own dinner and prepare it the Norwegian way? People living in this part of the world have been able to survive by harvesting the blue acres north and west of Norway. The ocean is our acre, and the Norwegian coast borders one of the most productive oceans on this blue planet. Norwegians also love fishing in lakes and rivers, so let’s go fishing the Norse way. Let’s Catch and Cook!

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Depending on weather conditions, we either go deep-sea fishing or sweetwater fishing. There is a variety of fish to catch. In the ocean you can catch cod, seith, halibut or haddock. The lakes and rivers offer trout, char and if you are lucky, salmon. When we return to Brygga, you will learn the traditional ways of preparing your catch as well as how to cook it.   

Deep-sea fishing starts by studying the map after checking the weather forecast. Then you get all safety instructions necessary, along with a briefing on how to fish. You put on your survival suit which will also keep you warm at sea, and board our boat. We will be at sea fishing for about four hours. Returning to Brygga we clean, prepare and cook the fish according to local tradition. Then we share a unique meal, allowing the day’s impressions to sink in. When we cook, we aim to use as many local products as possible alongside whatever fish you catch.

If we go sweetwater fishing, it is either to a lake nearby the camp or by car to a lake or river. There are more than 300 lakes at various locations on the island Andøya; in the mountains, close to the ocean and connected to each other or to rivers. All equipment is included also for sweetwater fishing. In nice weather, we can have a bonfire and prepare an outdoor lunch during these trips, which will last for five hours. In wintertime you may even experience fishing on frozen lakes.

Your exclusive four night stay with us will be a getaway as well as an adventure. On your arrival in the evening of day one we will have dinner together and get to know one another. In summertime we might even go fishing the first night, since the sun is up and the sea is always calmer during night time. Night fishing in one of the nearby lakes is an experience worth trying as well. 

We will be fishing at locations determined by wind and weather. The days will start with breakfast and information, followed by preparing food and drink to go. If we go deep-sea fishing, you get to grab a bite and have some coffee or tea in between fishing. Sweetwater fishing may present other opportunities. Either way, we will bring our catch home and cook it. On the day of your departure, depending on your flight, we will have breakfast and maybe also lunch before you leave. 

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Experience Andøy
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