Sea - Shore - Summit

Alpine mountains, rising from wide open landscapes, plunging into the ocean, overlooking clear lakes or white sandy beaches -Andøya is waiting for you!

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Vesterålen consists of a variety of landscapes. The northernmost island Andøya has them all. As our guest you get to go hiking along the coast, enjoy the stunning view from a mountain top and spend time exploring the fjord or the ocean.

During a 4-night stay, you get to experience:

  • Catch & Cook your dinners the Norse way
  • Wildlife along the Atlantic shoreline
  • A mountain hike with panoramic view 

We do our best to minimize our carbon footprint, and contribute to the local communities.

DAY 1: ARRIVAL                                                          
We meet at Andenes or Sortland where we pick you up. After about one hour’s drive through arctic landscapes, we arrive at Brygga in Skjoldehamn. On arrival we will have a meal together and talk about the program for your stay. The rest of the afternoon is open for you to relax and maybe take a walk nearby Brygga, or spend some time with us and the rest of the group. In the evening we prepare a meal together.


In the morning we get ready for the boat trip on the fjord or off the coast. We focus on safety, and you get a crash-course in deep sea fishing. Then you put on your survival suits. All you need is warm shoes and your binoculars and camera if you like. 

Once at sea you get to see a variety of birds, and there are different fish to catch depending on the time of year and where we go. We make our own lunch in the morning and bring it on board the boat.

Our catch will be the basis of our dinner, which we prepare together. All recipes are local, along with many of the ingredients.


Andøya's west coast is rugged and wild. In between it presents sand dunes and white beaches. We will spend the day hiking and studying wildlife along a part of it. We drive Norwegian Scenic Route Andøya. At the coast there is a lot of litter brought here by the ocean. A large amount of it is plastic, and many locals clean the beaches every year. Still, the tide and storms bring more. During our hike, we will help make our beaches cleaner. When we have had an outdoor meal at the beach, we leave only our green footprint behind.


We enjoy breakfast in a relaxed atmosphere at Brygga before heading towards Gavltinden. You need good hiking boots for this, and we recommend bringing your camera. The first part of the hike goes along a road, zig-zagging its way up the mountain. Further up we walk a path following the north ridge. When we reach 662 meters, it is time for our outdoor lunch. The panoramic view shows large parts of Andøy, as well as Vesterålen, and it is time to take pictures. Afterwards we head back. In the autumn, we can find mushrooms or berries for our dinner in the evening.

Hiking shore of pebbles
Hiking the mountain Urdkleiva
Idar Nilssen
View from Forfjord towards Gavelfjord