Under the Northern Lights

Let's go hunting for the Northern Lights! It is possible to see them when the sky is clear from late September throughout March. There is little or no light-pollution nearby our camp,and you can go by foot, on snowshoes or skis. If you want an extraordinary experience, we can take you out to sea by boat.

Sometimes, all we need to do is look out the window, and there it is! If we need to go hunting, we study the Aurora forecast. We can go by car to a good spot or out to sea with our boat. We bring something hot to drink and you may borrow warm overalls. At some of our favourite spots we will make a bonfire as well. Then we wait.

Once the Aurora starts showing, we know that a full cycle takes about 45 minutes. On good nights you may experience several cycles, and you have plenty of time to take pictures and videos. Though, standing there under the jet-black arctic sky, you realize that this is an experience you cannot capture fully with anything but your heart and soul. 

Idar Nilssen
Multicolored Northern lights
Idar Nilssen
Green Northern lights + reflection